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All our events are announced on our mailing list and on Facebook.

Regular Events

Speaker Events

We regularly invite high-level speakers from Stanford and beyond to share their insights on key topics and current events.


Come along in the evening of the first Thursday of every month for an opportunity to connect with fellow Germans, practice the language, or just make some new friends. No German skills required ;)

Annual Events


In mid-October we celebrate the Oktoberfest with a traditional German-style BBQ (including "Bratwurst", potato salad, bread, pretzels), music, and, of course, a selection of imported German beverages. In the garden of the Bechtel Center we have a nice afternoon in the sun with great food, family and friends.

Weißwurst Breakfast

For our annual Weißwurst Breakfast late September / early October we invite everyone to join us for a breakfast "Bavarian style". This includes a traditional Bavarian sausage made from minced veal and pork back bacon. Additionally, we serve real "Brez'n" (pretzels) from a German Bakery and a traditional cold "Weizen" (wheat beer).


In December, we invite to the annual showing (and serving) of "Die Feuerzangenbowle". The movie will be shown with English subtitles. We usually provide some cookies, hot apple cider and of course the Feuerzangenbowle.
For more information about the drink, see the Wikipedia article on Feuerzangenbowle. In the movie, Heinz Ruehmann stars in this wonderful comedy based on Heinrich Spoerls famous novel. Hans Pfeiffer, a young and successful novelist from Berlin, was educated by a private tutor and has never experienced the pranks and fun of going to a real school. During an evening with "Feuerzangenbowle", a wonderful idea is born: He pretends to be 18 again, and moves to a small town to finish high school, where he meets all sorts of oddball professors and small town characters, falls in love with the principal's daughter and gets to experience what he had missed out on. Also starring: Karin Himboldt, Hilde Sessak. Regie: Helmut Weiss.


Find the German Society at Bechtel's annual international BBQ, where we usually supply a selection of imported German beer. This takes place around May each year.